Hall O Ween Results

21 souls braved the woods tonight in an effort to make it safely to the finish without having their control cards “vamped”. Screams, laughter, footsteps, and rattling chains could be heard in the otherwise silent woods of Centreville Community Park. All returned… some slogging water, others carrying headless pumpkin people. Thanks to all for attending, and to Pam, Ed and Zach for picking up controls.


1 – Lily Hall and Kat Oosterwiijk, 170 points, 39min
2 – Kara Turner and Evie Hall, 150 points, 36min
3 – Ed and Zach James, 150 points, 44min
4 – Colin Davis, 130 points, 46min
5 – Bridget and Iona Adams, 120 points, 34min
6 – Matt and Milo Hall, 120 points, 44min
7 – Meghan Woszcynski, 110 points, 37min
8 – Rob Hughes, 110 points, 43min
9 – Finlay and Adam Secord, 110 points, 49min

The following orienteers ended the event as Vampires:
Emily and Desmond Secord
Ella Redden, Anne Strong and Judy Burke
Pam James

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