Hemlock Ravine Redux Results

We had a great orienteering day at Hemlock Ravine on Sunday 12 November. A fantastic turnout of 56 hardy souls showed up on a cool but beautiful day. All competitors had a chance to run on a brand new map that was both accurate and detailed with a 2.5m contour interval. It was like running in a new area as many more features were on the map and new parts of the area were available to orienteer. The courses were set by the mapper himself, Rob Plowright (an Aussie who now calls Japan his home) who was under contract with OANS to update and make new maps in NS over a 10.5 week period. He flew back to Japan the day after the Hemlock event. Even though Rob made some of the courses challenging, by all accounts it was an amazing experience for all! Thanks Rob for putting on the event!
The Beginner course was a hotly contested event with Lilly Hall edging out Finlay Secord and Lilly’s sister Evie. In the Intermediate event Paul Gray posted a very good time of just over 30 minutes, followed by the team of Milo&Matt Hall and Andrea Friars. The Advanced Short course was won by Ed James with Kara Turner and Ian Clark following in second and third. The Advanced Long course had Tony Wheeler taking the top spot followed by Paul Bottomley and Pam James.
Thanks to everyone for coming and we look forward to seeing you again soon on some more of our newly mapped areas:)

Results – Hemlock Ravine 2017 2017-11-12

Advanced Long

1. Tony Wheeler HOC – 1:16:21
2. Paul Bottomley HOC – 1:27:41
3. Pam James AVOC – 1:28:08
4. Cheryl Smith AVOC – 1:48:42
5. Emily Secord HOC- 2:10:18
Mary Bottomley HOC – DNF
Jeff Mosher HOC – DNF

Advanced Short

1. Ed James AVOC – 46:28
2. Kara Turner MBOC – 1:00:01
3. Ian Clark HOC – 1:04:33
4. Jim Blanchard AVOC – 1:05:23
5. Dale Ellis HOC 1:30:37
6. Bridget Thomas/ Robert Dawson HOC – 1:52:19
Troy Smith AVOC – DNF
Andrew Woods HOC – DNF
Noah James AVOC – DNF


1. Paul Gray HOC – 30:21
2. Milo & Matt Hall MBOC – 38:56
3. Andrea Friars HOC – 45:45
4. Heather MacDonald HOC – 59:00
5. Jada, Kyah, Scott, Marcy, Tilford HOC – 59:27
6. Emma Archibald, Esther Friemond, Zoey Tilford HOC – 59:54
7. Bridget & Iona Adams HOC – 1:04:25
Nathan Gray HOC – DNF
Zach James AVOC – DNF
Jim Hoyle – DNF


1. Lilly Hall MBOC – 9:45
2. Finlay Secord HOC – 11:11
3. Evie Hall MBOC – 12:09
4. Chris, Sohier, Fletcher, Melanie Maloney HOC – 13:08
5. Robyn Green, Elise, Ellie & Dan Tully HOC – 16:33
6. Cooper & Shawn Miller HOC – 17:37
7. Sajal Aryal HOC – 19:07
8. Folkins family HOC – 23:10
9. Adina, Mark, Madden & Reed Candow HOC – 26:38

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