Canadian Orienteering Championships 2019

Orienteering Nova Scotia was represented by a contingent of nine athletes at the Canadian Orienteering Championships in Laval and Rawdon, QC on July 26-28th, 2019.  The three-day event, including a Sprint, Middle and Long distance race, saw great success and many medals won by our athletes.


Gold – Matt Hall

Silver – Evie Hall, Lily Hall

Bronze – Milo Hall, Pam James, Emily Secord, Kara Turner 


Gold – Evie Hall, Kara Turner, Pam James

Silver – Cheryl Smith

Bronze – Milo Hall, Emily Secord 


Gold – Pam James

Bronze – Cheryl Smith

Way to go, you should be proud!
The COCs were preceded by the Ottawa O-Fest and Azimut Laurentides Junior Orienteering Camp also attended by our athletes.