Emily Secord

Vice President

Tony Wheeler

Past President

Ashley Harding


Kara Turner

Public Relations

Troy Smith

NSOS Director

Pam James


Dale Ellis

Member at Large

Art Harding

Member at Large

Cheryl Smith

Member at Large

Brian MacCulloch

Member at Large

Executive Director

Jared Goad


President – The president shall be the chief executive officer of the Association and, subject to the authority of the board, shall have general supervision of the affairs and business of the Corporation. Except when the board has elected or appointed a general manager or a managing director, the president shall also have the powers and be charged with the duties of that office. In addition the responsibilities of the president shall include: chairing all board of directors’ and members’ meetings and ensuring that notices of meetings, agenda and minutes get prepared and circulated as required; ensuring that duties assigned to individual directors are properly carried out. 

Vice-President – During the absence or disability of the president, their duties shall be performed and their powers exercised by the vice-president or, if there are more than one, by the vice-president designated from time to time by the board or the president. A vice-president shall have such other powers and duties as the board or the president may prescribe. 

Secretary – The secretary shall attend and be the secretary of all meetings of the board and members. They shall keep a record of all minutes from every meeting. 

Treasurer – The treasurer shall be responsible for proper accounting records in compliance with the Act and, under the direction of the board, shall be responsible for the deposit of money, the safekeeping of securities and the disbursement of the funds of the Corporation. They shall render to the board whenever required an account of all their transactions as treasurer and of the financial position of the Corporation; and they shall have such other duties as the board or the president may prescribe.

Past President – The individual who held the office of president immediately prior to the individual who currently holds the office of president whether or not the current president is in their first term in that office or the second of two consecutive terms as president, is the past president of the Association provided that they are still a member in good standing of the Association. The past president, if any, shall be an ex-officio member of the board of directors and may have any other duties assigned to them by the board of directors. 

NSOS Director – The NSOS Director shall track results of orienteering events for the calendar year in accordance with Nova Scotia Orienteering Series Scoring Criteria.  At the conclusion of the year the NSOS Director shall prepare certificates and awards based on NSOS results for presentation at the AGM or other designated event.