Results from World Orienteering Day

A whopping 77 participants came out to Fleming Park for World Orienteering Day 2018!  They ventured out on three courses and some lucky folks took home some sweet WOD headwear!  It was great to share orienteering with some New faces, Cadets, Cubs, Girl Guides, some Old Timers and some Regulars!  We hope to see you all again.

A very big Thanks to Tony Wheeler, Meghan Woszczynski and Patricia Duncan for all their help at the event!

WOD 2018 Results

Results SPLITS WOD 2018

Shubie Shakeout Score-O

On Sunday April 8th, 35 participants capitalized on the calm before the (snow)storm at the Shubie Shakeout Score-O!  Three courses were offered and many new faces came to enjoy the event!  Many thanks to the volunteers who helped with the event including Colin Davis, Tony Wheeler and Patricia Duncan.