Hall O Ween Results

21 souls braved the woods tonight in an effort to make it safely to the finish without having their control cards “vamped”. Screams, laughter, footsteps, and rattling chains could be heard in the otherwise silent woods of Centreville Community Park. All returned… some slogging water, others carrying headless pumpkin people. Thanks to all for attending, and to Pam, Ed and Zach for picking up controls. Continue reading “Hall O Ween Results”

2017 NSOS update

The following are the NSOS scores updated following the 2017 Bluenose Classic Middle & Long Distance events. These scores include the competitors’ Best 3 of 4 eligible scores (including up to one staff event).

*Some corrections have also been made to scores on Open categories from Dick James event and are reflected in the totals. Continue reading “2017 NSOS update”