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Park Trail

Fleming Park

Type: C Meet
Date:Sat September 27
Registration:11:00 am
Start Time:12:00 pm
Where: Fleming Park
Fees: Standard OANS
Contact:Dale Ellis, dale.ellis@ns.sympatico.ca
Description:This is a "Score O" event -- you try to get as many controls as you can in the alloted time. This way everyone finishes, so it should be a fun event.

Daniel Lewis has designed a course with 20 controls. I've rated them as easy, medium, and more difficult. So we have 3 courses, with variable points for the controls to make scoring a little more interesting.
Course 1: 10 controls worth 10 points each (plus a 10-point bonus for getting them all). Maximum 110 points.
Course 2: Course 1 plus another 5 controls worth 15 points each (plus a 10-point bonus for getting all 5). Maximum 195 points.
Course 3. All 20 controls, 20 points for each of the 5 new ones plus an extra bonus of 5 for getting them all. Maximum 300 points.

We will set time limits on the courses. Not finalized, but something like 60 minutes for Course 1, and 90 minutes for Courses 2 and 3, with a 5 point per minute penalty for being overtime.

The controls for Course 1 are not far off the main trails. However, we have added a few controls along the main trails to make a Novice course.

Registration will be in the Dingle Park, at the gazebo or the parking lot.
Fees: OANS members: $8 adult, $5 youth.
Non-OANS members: $12 adult, $8 youth. Family: $10.

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