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Bluenose Classic Provincial Championship

Type: Point-to-Point
Date:Sun October 19
Registration:10:00 am
Start Time:12:00 pm
Where: Truro Junior High School
Fees: Standard OANS
Contact:Michael Price, MJPRICE@NSTU.CA
Description:This event is Sponsored by Doctors Nova Scotia

Registration Deadline: October 16th 2008. Register by contacting Michael Price through email mjprice@nstu.ca or phone (902)895-3356. Payment and late registrations will be taken on site. When registering, be sure to give your full name, course, and category.
Categories are as follows:
Course 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5
Age Classes
Course 1 W12, M12, open
Course 2 W13-14, M13-14, open
Course 3 W15-16, M15-16, W17-20, W45-65+, M45-65+,open
Course 4 M17-20, W21-34A, M21-34A, M35-45,open
Course 5 M21-34E , W 21-34E, open

Other categories: You can choose to run in the open category of your choice but you won’t be eligible for the Category awards.

Course planner Mike Moyles

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