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Atlantic Raid Challenge Event #1: Hillsborough (NB)

Type: Mini Rogaine
Date:Sun May 31
Start Time:TBA
Where: TBA
Fees: 2 hr $10 for members $20 for non-members
4 hr $15 for members $25 for non-members
Contact:Harold McQuade
Description:“Pits of Despair” Navigation Challenge
Race #1 in the Four Part 2009 Atlantic Raid Challenge Series
Sunday May 31, 2009
Hosted by the Falcons Club and Sanctioned by ONB and OANS

Location and map: Hillsborough, NB, White Rock Recreation Area 1:10,000 5m contours
On site registration: will take place from 12:00 – 12:30 pm Sunday May 31, 2009

Start Time: 1:00 pm Course Closure: 17:15
Advance Registration: by 17:00 May 29 Contact Harold McQuade at rosemere@nbnet.nb.ca or by calling 852-3903. Advance registration guarantees a pre-printed map and a free recovery meal!

Fees: Payment can be made on site.
2 hr $10 for members $20 for non-members
4 hr $15 for members $25 for non-members
You can join ONB at the event or download the registration membership form at www.orienteering.nb.ca
Additional maps will be $3.00 based on availability and some may be blank

Courses: There are two courses.
The 2-hour course has been designed for novices with controls located on features just off of trails. The
controls can be reached by a minimal amount of bush whacking
The 4-hour course will be strenuous and will require good navigational skills

Classes: team and individual (male and female) for a total of six classes, 3 on each course

Prizes: Earn points towards the overall ARC title, which uses your best 3 of the 4 races. Prizes will be
presented during the meal.

Whistle: This required safety item will be available on site for $2 each.

Water: You will need to provide your own water, as there is none on the course!
Compass and watch: Essential equipment

Food: All participants who pre-register will be offered a nutritious vegan recovery meal after the race
Late registrants can buy the meal depending upon quantity left for $5 after the race.

Course Setter: Harold McQuade Meet Director: David Ross Chef: Bobbie Ross

Directions: Head to Hillsborough on Highway 114 from Riverview. At the bottom of the hill in Hillsborough, by the rail museum, turn right or west at the O signs heading towards the Golf Course and follow them to the start area. preview.tinyurl.com/1arc2009

Course setter’s notes:
The course has been designed on the famous Pits of Despair orienteering map used in previous national events. There have been some updates made this spring. The area is famous for its gypsum quarries with its many sinkholes and is popular for mountain biking. The terrain will include a mix of forest with easy and difficult running. Expect to find some of the trails to be wet and muddy. The forest is relatively dry at this time of year. The mosquitoes and black flies will be out and bug spray is recommended. The course scoring this year will be done using a newly designed spreadsheet and there will be penalty points deducted per minute late (approximately 3% per minute) for finishers after the 2 or 4 hours.

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