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Park Trail

The last BIG race of the year!!! Don't put away your sneaker yet!

Type: Sprint-O
Date:Sat November 21
Registration:7:00 am
Start Time:8:00 am
Where: MARC Park
Fees: Standard OANS
Contact:Greg Nix, nixga@yahoo.ca
Description:Warm up to Winter Sprinter

Host: Jodi and Andrew

Sat Nov 21. 7am registration. Race time: 8am to 1:00pm

21 B Crest Drive, Dartmouth, NS (Jodi's place)
Shubie Park/Spider Lake area...possibly!?

Why not one more adventure race? Let's make it interesting too... SOLO! (see fine print below for pseudo 'team' option! :)

Date: November 21st

Registration Location:
21 B Crest Drive, Dartmouth, NS


Duration: 5 hrs

Cost: $20 per person

Format: Dual sport, cycling & trekking... solo entries only! (Co-operation / deception is encouraged!)

Required gear:
compass, whistle, knife, matches, cell phone and when on bike: bike, bike helmet

Andrew (o9man@cogeyed.com)
Jodi (jodi_isenor@hotmail.com)

Please let us know if you can make it out for the last AR hurrah of 2009!

Hope to see you there/here! :)

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