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Park Trail

Debert foot or bike run

Type: Motala (Individual Relay)
Date:Sun November 29
Registration:12:00 pm
Start Time:12:30 pm
Where: Debert
Fees: 5:00 flat rate
Families 10:00 max
Contact:Greg Nix, nixga@yahoo.ca
Where – Debert across from Tim Hortons
When – Noon on Sunday November 29th
Why – Because the weather is still good
What – A 6.5 km loop on the trails in Debert
Who – For anyone that enjoys biking or
running on trails- moderate difficulty
Cost - Each $5.00 flat fee
Families $10.00 max
How it all works. I’ve laid out a course with flagging tape on
trails that measure 6.5 km. I’ve put out Orienteering controls
that have a plastic punch along the trail and you have to
punch at each station to prove that you passed that check
point. They will be clearly visible from the trail so all you
have to do is stay on the marked trail and you’ll complete the
course. You can either run the course or ride your bike.
Please email me to let me know if you plan to attend so I can
prepare for the numbers. mjprice@nstu.ca Michael Price or
call and leave a message at 895-3356.
Register at noon with starts to begin at 12:30.

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