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Park Trail

Debert Daredevil Bike and Foot "O"

Type: Motala (Individual Relay)
Date:Sat June 5
Registration:11:00 am
Start Time:12:00 pm
Where: Debert
Fees: Standard OANS
Contact:Michael Price, MJPRICE@NSTU.CA
Description:This event will have two options, a Bike course and Foot courses. The bike course is a point to point and is 10k in length. The course will cross a stream 8 times, some crossings have a wooden foot bridge and some don’t. The course will have 5 steep inclines some have stairs so you have to be prepared to carry your bike. All controls will be visible from the trail and you will have to follow the trails on a map.
For the Foot courses there are 3. The beginner course is a point to point and is 2.5k in length and is all on trails. The Intermediate course is 4.0k in length. It is a point to point and requires you to leave the trail so map and compass work is necessary. The final course is a Score All. This means that you have to visit all the controls in any order you want. Approx distance 11k.
Please email me to say that you are coming and what course you are interested in to ensure that I will have enough maps.

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