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Learn/Practice Orienteering Clinic/Night O

Type: Learn from scratch with a map and compass walk and talk with Greg Nix or join a more advanced group to enhance your knowledge of orienteering at 1:00 at the Wentworth Hostel:) There is a Night O in the Evening at the old campground entrance to Wentworth Park and is open to everyone!! Register at the Hostel between 5:30 and 6:30
Date:Sat October 9
Registration:12:00 pm
Start Time:12:30 pm
Where: Wentworth (Hostel)
Fees: Clinic fees $5.00; night O $5.00 Hostel Bed 10.00 (Saturday night only) Participants responsible for own food /night accommodations if staying for the Sunday events
Contact:Greg Nix, nixga@yahoo.ca
Description:Saturday afternoon--participate in a variety of orienteering activities to either learn the basics or practice skills you already have.

Indoor clinic after supper at the hostel.

Participate in a night event at Wentworth Park Saturday evening at Dusk. Be sure to have at least two light sources in case one fails!

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