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Park Trail

Magic at the Museum

Type: C Meet
Date:Sun May 15
Registration:12:00 pm
Start Time:1:00 pm
Where: Wallace Museum
Fees: Standard OANS
Contact:Greg Nix, nixga@yahoo.ca
Description:The Wallace Museum in Wallace, Nova Scotia provides a network of trails near the museum that help provide family level navigation fun. Extended wooded areas beyond the trails provide intermediate orienteering challenges for those seeking a bit more adventure. Participants will get a map with several checkpoints indicated by circles. They will then choose their own route to try and get the most checkpoints they can in a 2 hour period. The participants with the most checkpoints in the fastest time are declared winners. NOTE: Many orienteerers just walk the course for the fun of it and it is ok not to be timed.
Adults $10.00
Juniors $5.00
Max for Families $10.00

See you in the woods,

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