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Park Trail

Debert Bike or Foot "O"

Type: C Meet
Date:Sun October 21
Registration:12:00 pm
Start Time:1:00 pm
Where: Debert
Fees: Standard OANS
Contact:Alex Regan at alexrreg@eastlink.ca

Description:Debert provides a great location for a combined Bike and Foot event. It has enough trails to allow bikers to get around and lots of opportunities for those on foot to take short cuts through the woods. This score "O" will provide one map for all and with a 90 minute time limit most will not be able to finish the entire course. Each control will have a point value; higher for those farther away from the start finish. There will also be a penalty for participants that are longer than 90 minutes. The penalty will be 10 points for each minute over 90. With most participants not able to finish the entire course this means participants will have to decide their route carefully and get back on time.
The start will be across the road from Tim Hortons in Debert.
Meet Director Michael Price, Registration Alex Regan alexrreg@eastlink.ca

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