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0-100 Meet Director Clinic

Type: This 0-100 Meet Director Clinic is to allow members of OANS to further their skills in understanding the organization of setting up and running an Orienteering Meet.

This clinic begins on-line on November 10th and continues to November 29th with the one day session in the Windsor Recreation Centre.

Date:Sat November 29
Start Time:TBA
Where: Windsor, NS
Fees: 0-100 Meet Director Clinic fee $20.00.
Contact:Jim Blancharad, jlblanc@eastlink.ca
Description:To Prospective 0-100 Meet Director Candidates

The Orienteering Association of Nova Scotia (OANS) in partnership with Orienteering Canada (OC) is planning on holding a 0-100 Meet Director Clinic.

The intent is to have the initial portion of the clinic on-line over a three week period, beginning on November 10th through to the day-long session on November 29th. The intent is to allow participants to read and assimilate the information and create questions to be discussed on the weekend day (November 29th) we get together.

This is the first level of a series of newly designed Meet Official Clinics. This clinic is open to all who would like to be more knowledgeable with how to organize and run a basic orienteering event. You will be introduced to organizational considerations and have the opportunity to plan basic courses and put these plans into effect. Where Nova Scotia and New Brunswick are co-hosting the COC’s in the summer of 2015, it is imperative that OANS has as many officials as possible to assist with these major events.

The initial phase of the clinic will be held on-line using a data base called Basecamp for collection and retrieval of documents. The on-site location will be in the Windsor area to allow for a central gathering point as best as possible.

The cost of the clinic will be $20 per person. Payment is required by cheque made payable to “Orienteering Association of Nova Scotia" on November 29th at the on-site location in Windsor.

Once you have decided to participate in the clinic, forward your full name, DOB, address, and phone number via email to Jim Blanchard. As we wish to begin our on-line material by November 10th please forward your desire to take the course and contact information by November 9th.

General criteria for the clinic as identified by the OC website on officials is three fold:
(1) to have participated in at least five C orienteering meets;
(2) to have participated in at least two Canada Cup or B meets and
(3) to have served as a volunteer in at least two orienteering events of any level.

We feel this criteria is a very good starting point for an understanding of orienteering but we also can and will be flexible given that here in Nova Scotia many participants would not have had an opportunity to participate in many Canada Cup events.

E- Mail me with your full name, age, address and phone number if you are wishing to participate on this course by November 9th, 2014.

Jim Blanchard [jlblanc@eastlink.ca] 902-678-8868

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