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AVOC Fall Training Session #3--Postponed to Sep 24!!

Type: Training Session
Date:Thu September 24
Registration:5:45 pm
Start Time:6:00 pm
Where: Centreville Community Park
Fees: Fees: 21 and over $4; youth up to 20, $2.
Contact:Jim Blancharad, jlblanc@eastlink.ca
Description:AVOC will be having 3 early evening training sessions in September, on the 3rd, 10th and 17th. Each session will begin at 18:00 hrs ( 6pm) and finish at 20:00 hrs (8pm). As the evening light is fading it would be good to arrive by 17:45 hrs (5:45pm) to get prepared to do your activity. A training requirement is that participants assist in picking up controls and in cleaning up. No refreshments or awards will be provided, just training.

Fees: 21 and over $4; youth up to 20, $2. If any youth brings a friend, that friend is free on their first training session. Costs assist in printing. PLEASE let me know via e-mail by the Wednesday evening before at [jlblanc@eastlink.ca]. Call 678-8868 if you need further directions.

The concept is to have a review session on the course(s) before leaving to understand the route choices and techniques used to achieve your results.

Session 3 on Sept 17th will be on a new map at Centreville Community Park, with parking off Saxon Street. You can arrive by going N on Hwy 259 and turn right at the Charlie MacDonald house or come along Sherman Belcher Rd from Lakewood Rd off of Hwy 358 in Upper Dyke.

This session will be a Sprint event. Focus will again be on using Attack Points.

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