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4 Hour Mountain Buster –Wentworth Ski Hill

Type: TBA
Date:Sun October 29
Registration:11:00 am
Start Time:TBA
Where: Ski Wentworth
Fees: Standard OANS
Contact:Ian Folkins, folkins@mathstat.dal.ca
Description:A rogaine is simply a longer distance orienteering event where the control locations are on big features. You can walk, jog, bring a dog, or go as individuals or groups. There will be no water on the course. You should bring your own water, snacks, whistle, compass, and all other neccessary survival gear. For the 4 hour course, the
start is at 12:00 noon at the base of the Wentworth ski hill. We do not have access to the lodge so there are no washroom facilities available. You should register by 11:00. Getting there early is advantage because it allows you to study the map, and plot your course. For the 2 hour novice course, you may start any time between 12:00 and 2:00. Pre-registration is not required. However, it is helpful to me if you email me your intention to come (ian.folkins@dal.ca).

Cost: $10/person (4 hour, OANS member)
$8/person (2 hour, OANS member)

Add $4 if not OANS member

Best Wishes, ian

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