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Mapping clinic

Type: Mapping clinic
June 3&4
From 9am-4pm
Date:Sat June 3
Start Time:9:00 am
Where: Windsor, NS
Fees: Cost $100
Contact:Pam James, pamsjames@hotmail.com
Description:Please email Pam to register for the event.

Program is for all levels of users including beginners

This will be a step-by-step hands-on workshop covering a wide range of topics. Below is a brief synopsis of topics planned to covered. Requests for additional topics are welcomed.
Non Ocad owners can use the 21 day FREE Trial version. Wi-Fi is available for accessing data and various websites.


Importing data for making a map- (orthophotos, LiDAR and GIS data)

Ocad preferences and settings
Georeferencing maps (coordinate systems, datums and declination).
Working with Background images (maps, aerials, etc.)
Working with LiDAR (contours, DSM, DTM’S and point clouds)
Ocad’s Interface
Ocad color table
Ocad Symbols
Map drawing tools
Printing and Exporting complete or partial maps
Creating Field worksheets Incorporating fieldwork into the map.
Setting up and using a tablet computer with GPS interface
Fieldwork session – manual or digital
Finalizing a map (logos, legends, scale bar, images, text, etc.)
Layout Module
Useful Tips and Tricks from 20 years of using Ocad
Other useful software
Handouts: 28 page support document for the material presented and additional related documents
Ocad’s resources (Wiki, tutorials, blog)
Many other topics can be included by request

Ed Hicks of Orienteering Unlimited who is Ocad’s North American support and sales person since 1994 who has created and published over 350 maps.

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