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Bluenose Classic Long Distance - CANADA CUP

Type: Canada Cup - Long Distance
Date:Sun October 15
Registration:10:00 am
Start Time:11:00 am
Where: Debert
Fees: Standard OANS
Contact:Colin Davis
Description:Type: Point-to-point a traditional long distance course, where all controls are visited in numerical order. This event will have a full range of age classes and courses available. Electronic punching will used, as such an SI will be required (rentals $3).

Summary: Open pine forest with numerous trails. There are a multitude of interesting features in this area due to its military training area history.

Categories: Standard Orienteering Canada age classes as follows (as well as an Open* category on select courses):

Course 1, Beginner: W10, M10;
Course 2, Novice: W11-12, M11-12, Open 2;
Course 3, Novice+: W13-14, M13-14, W15-16B, M15-16B, Open 3;
Course 4, Intermediate: W15-16, M15-16, Open 4;
Course 5, Veteran: W75+, M75+, W80+, M80+, W85+, M85+, Open 5;
Course 6, Expert: W17-18, W45+, W55+, W65+, M65+, W17-20B, M17-20B, W21B, Open 6;
Course 7, Master: M17-18, W19-20, W21E, W35+, M45+, M55+, M21B, Open 7; and
Course 8, Elite: M19-20, M21E, M35+

*Wayfarers (pairs or small groups) are welcome in the Open categories.

Map Scales: Course 1, 2 & 5 1:7500, Course 3-4, 6-8 1:10000, excluding W19-20, W21E, M19-20 & M21E 1:15000.

Pre-Registration: email davis.crm@gmail.com with Name, Course, and SI number or Rental if required by October 10th 6pm for pre-reg fees and assigned start time.

Race-day registration from 10:00 am to 11:00 am. Race-day participants will be assigned a start time at registration.

Start: Staggered starts begin at 11:00 am. A start list will be posted by 8:00pm on October 13, 2017 on the OANS website, for those pre-registered.

Awards: Awards will be given for top 3 placing in each category.

Directions: Debert Industrial Park, Exit 13 on Trans Canada Highway 104. The parking area is about 1 minute north on MacElmon Rd and then left onto Lysander Ave (across the road from Tim Hortons). The start and finish areas are a short walk from the parking area.

Map: Debert updated 2017.

Course Lengths:
1. 2.2 km
2. 2 km
3. 2.5 km
4. 4.1 km
5. 2.8 km
6. 4.4 km
7. 6.4 km
8. 9.6 km

Dogs: Allowed in parking and registration areas only, on a lead at all times. Dogs strictly not allowed in competition area. Owners must clean up after their dogs.

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