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Point to Point B Event RESULTS!!!

Type: Score-O
Date:Sun April 22
Registration:11:00 am
Start Time:12:00 pm
Where: Wentworth (Hostel)
Fees: Standard OANS
Contact:Greg Nix, nixga@yahoo.ca
Description:Wentworth Youth Hostel
/Meet Director’s Clinic April 22nd 2007

Two ONB and seven OANS members attended the Meet Director’s Clinic. Powerpoints and handouts were given the participants to help support them in promoting Orienteering in their community areas. Beautiful weather both days certainly added to the enjoyment of the sessions and event on Sunday. A new Club is in the process of being formed in the Chester area and we have renewed interest in Yarmouth. A special thanks to Meet Director participants Avril and Peter Lewis as they worked tirelessly to make sure the training camp and event on Sunday went as smoothly as possible.

Below are the results of the Meet on Sunday. Huge volumes of water and dangerous ice forced the organizers to host the event on a map surrounding the Youth Hostel that had not been used since 1978. Though not up to standard, thirty four participants enjoyed a different area and made the most of it!

Three Courses were offered as a Point to Point B event:

Senior Masters
Dale Ellis DNF
Art Harding DNF

Senior Male
1st Serge Ouellette 108.47
2nd Harold McQuade 118.52

Intermediate Men
1st Brad Toms 73.10
2nd Dave Eaton 76.53
3rd Graham Ereaux 77.64
4th Ashley Harding 101.42
5th Ian Clark 119.53
6th Gregoire Cormier 129.47

Senior Women:
1st Brigitte Ouellette 114.08

1st Bobbie Ross, Bronwyn Pavey 140.00
Tara Simmonds, Clark Richards DSQ
Zsofi Koller, William Martin DSQ


Masters Men
1st Alex Regan 122.15

Junior Male:
1st Jeremy LeBlanc 88.20
Oscar Moyles DNF
Mitchell Ellsworth DNF

Masters Women
1st Lynne Moyles 94.31
2nd Alice Power 113.12

Junior Female:
1st Danika Ouellette 96.41
2nd Zoe Wood-Hines 121.12
3rd Julianna Ellsworth 128.03

1st Gregory Morris, Danielle Cox, Jocelyn Cox 98.44
2nd Danna Cavanaugh, Lisa Clancy 111.46

Short Course:
1st Jesse Wood-Hines, David Morison, Dale Cook 29.25

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