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Park Trail

Falcon Cup, Hillsborough, NB

Type: Point-to-Point
Date:Sun June 3
Start Time:TBA
Where: TBA
Fees: TBA
Description:Hi Everyone,

Are you ready for one of the premier events of our orienteering year?

I wanted to ensure that our OANS friends know about the 19th Falcon
Cup that will be held on the Pits of Despair map in Hillsborough, NB.
It is an A event so advance registration is require and you can do
so by contacting Brigitta Ouellete our meet director at sbouelle@gmail. com

There are seven courses that will take you through three regions or
parts of the map. This includes the open quarry area with a myriad of
white trails and the very complex south western corner of the map with
up to 150 feet of descent/climb and itsassociated re-entrants and
ridges of unnatural man made shapes. Finally there is the 500 by 500
meter flat area to the north filled with many small water features and
pits that requires precision bearing and pace counting technique
unless you are paying extremely close attention as to where you are on
the map.

Remember one of the challenges of the course is that the whole area is
previously mined and so it is constantly evolving. There may be a few
bits that are too new to be on our map or pits may have enlarged.

The finish chute is 250 meters long and all of it is visible from the
slopes (arena) above the finish line. A viewer enhancement includes a
spectator control for course 5 and 6 which is visible from the finish
arena. Course 5 and 6 will also feature a map exchange half way
through the course.

Another new twist and perhaps for the first time in Canada we will
have an untimed separate casual or pre-beginners course which will be
using an idea introduced to us by Bob Kail from Sweden. The principal
is that when the orienteer proceeds down the path from a control they
eventually get to a marker indicating whether they have come the right
way or not.

Bring your lunch, lawn chairs and courage. Hang out and feast on the
experience and cheer your favourites in from on high. I can guarantee
that you have stories to tell by the time it is over. Further
information should be posted on the ONB website before long or contact
the meet director above.

I know that you have as much as I have had designing it and Harold
McQuade controlling it.

Sincerely, David Ross, course setter

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