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Park Trail

Pre E2C

Type: C Meet
Date:Sun April 15
Registration:8:00 am
Start Time:9:00 am
Where: TBA
Fees: TBA
Description:"This is not an OANS event therefore it is not covered under OANS insurance"

Contact Jodi Isenor, jisenor@mec.ca

Location: Porter's Lake area at the end of the Myra Road, just past Crowbar Lake

Description:The way the course is set up now is quite challenging going one way (especially one particular control), and not so bad going the other. The approximate distance (including bushwhacking) is around 25kms. I'd guess that only 1 or 2 teams may "clean" the course in 4 hours the way it's set up now. There will be 10 controls (no "ghosts") scattered over the area and it will be a great warm up for the E2C. If anyone wants to bring GPS along, that's fine with me.

If you're not familiar with this area, let me know and I'll post directions to the start. I'd recommend that teams get there around 8am or shortly after to allow adequate time to plan your route. Race will start at 9am sharp!

Jodi Isenor

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