Canadian Orienteering Championships

Hi guys. I just wanted to let you know that we made it back from the COC’s relatively unscathed. Alexis, Reid and I all had a great time and had some mixed results. All the COC results and splits can be seen on the COC website. Alexis had a fairly small field in the W 15-16 category of 5 people. In the sprint actually she was the only one so just by finishing won the gold medal! She also won a bronze in the long distance event. I think we have a converted orienteerer on our hands. Reid had seven in his event M 13-14 and had some good runs. He came fourth in the long distance event and I think the same in the sprint. Not bad for his first year in the age category. I had my usual inconsistencies but did pretty well. There were 25 ish people in the M 45-54 category. I blew a mark in the medium event and wound up fifth. I was in first place in the sprint after 7 controls but blew the 8th (over 2 min mistake) and the 10th (another 2 min mistake). Where a 15 sec mistake is big in a sprint you can imagine what 4 mins plus will do. I wound up 11th. Over the last 8 controls I was 43 secs faster than the eventual winner, Ross Burnett. In the long distance event I blew the 6th or 7th control by 8 or 9 mins and then later in the course I got to the subsequent control first, not once but twice. Quite huge mistakes but I still wound up fourth, 4 mins out of 3rd and about 6 mins out of 2nd.

I attended the AGM and voted in a common sense way, I think. I noticed that the executive is focussed on furthering the quality of the high performance program. There are some really good elite orienteerers now but I’ve notice that orienteering on a whole is still weak numbers wise. There are less than 3,000 registered orienteerers in Canada. I believe that more time and money should be spent on grass roots projects to bring orienteering to more kids and families so the sport can actually grow. I voiced my opinion during the AGM.

I’d like to thank Orienteering NS for the financial assistance to go to Ottawa for the COC’s. It was certainly very much appreciated and resulted in great exposure to the sport for two kids who have really gotten the bug.

Any questions guys, drop me a line.

Thanks again,
Tony Wheeler