Sport Fair Report

I would like to start off by thanking Simon Trussler, Jim Jotcham, and Stephanie Wood for their time volunteering to help make Sport Fair a success for OANS. Without these individuals this event would not have been possible for us. From Wednesday May 9th to Friday May 11th hundreds of 4-14 year old students, and numerous parents and teachers, dropped by the OANS booth to see what Orienteering was all about and also to see how they can get involved with school programs and Provincial Events.

The biggest draw to the booth was the new video game “Catching Features” (my computer was set up to a data projector which gave us a very large picture on the back wall of the booth) which all kids wanted to try. It was through this game that we were able to help gain the interest of the kids, educate them on how to read a map, teach them basic orienteering lingo (control, punch etc.), what strategies to take when orienteering, and most importantly see how fun it can be. After they tried out the game and learned a little more about the sport they tried their hand at our mini orienteering course set up in a 10′ by 20′ area right next to our booth. The students were able to see what a real orienteering map looks like, how to punch a punch card, and for the really interested ones how to take a bearing using a compass and map. As expected the majority of the students did not know what orienteering was, but luckily our volunteers were all great educators and the kids enjoyed learning from them.

Thanks also goes out to Jim Blanchard, Avril Lewis, and Greg Nix for providing me with supplies needed to help make our booth more appealing to the students, parents, and teachers.

I’d like to thank everyone for giving me the opportunity to run a booth for OANS at Sport Fair and I look forward to representing the association at more promotional events in the future.


Andrew Harding

Executive Director
Orienteering Association of Nova Scotia