Membership Categories and benefits:

Full Senior (21 or over) and Junior (20 or Younger) Membership


  • Membership in local club (if existent), Orienteering Association of Nova Scotia (OANS) and Orienteering Canada.
  • Subscription to national newsletter Orienteering Canada.
  • Right to particpate in all nationally and provincially sanctioned orienteering events.
  • Eligibility to participate in championship classes at sanctioned events.
  • Eligibility for Nova Scotia Orienteering Series (provincial championship title).
  • Eligibility for Orienteering Canada and provincial financial support for competitive athletes.

OANS has recently (Spring 2012) changed its membership structure. To become a member, you must simply register for an event and check the “new member” box on the registration form. There is no additional cost to become an OANS member. Members of OANS are also automatic members of the Orienteering Canada, and thus eligible to compete in nationally-sanctioned events. Members are also eligible for scoring in the OANS Point Series, and for any Orienteering Canada and provincial financial support which becomes available for competitive athletes. One is NOT required to be a member in order to participate in OANS-sanctioned events.