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Valley School


The night “O” has been moved to Valley school because Gittens Lodge is under renovations so is unavailable. In June of 2009 Bob Kaill redrew the Valley School map and updated the trail system to reflect many of the smaller trails that existed but were not on the map. This map lends itself very nicely to a night “O” and provides a collection of small trails and some larger one in an area that is quite flat. The map is surrounded by a neighborhood which makes it ideal for the beginner to experience night time orienteering in a safe environment. For the experienced orienteering person there are 21 controls in a small area so route choice will be very important. The map scale is 2500:1 so details will be flying by so you’ll need all your contraction. Registration will be in the gym which is on the side of the school which is at 96 Salmon River Rd., Valley NS.

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