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Pre E2C 2017 Results ( Posted Sun April 23 )

The Pre-Eco Endurance Challenge 2017 was held this Saturday 22 April in Wentworth in what proved to be a beautiful day for running in the woods of Wentworth West as the orienteering gods kept the rain away until after the event! Fifty-six enthusiastic souls lined up at the starting line for this year's event for a two and a four hour course. Three teams managed to find all of the controls in the allocated time limit for a grand total of 5900 points. One team also found all the controls but missed the time cut-off by a mere 56 seconds! Mouse Shadow from NB (Harold McQuade, David Ross and JM Cormier won the two hour event with 2200 points while the four hour event was won by Jodi Isenor with 5900 points in a sizzling 2:51:47. Thank you to everyone who was able to make it this year and help support Halifax Search and Rescue and we look forward to running this event again next year.

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