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Park Trail

Dick James Memorial Canada Cup--info added ( Posted Mon May 22 )

Notes from map maker and course designer:

The area of this park is on the South side of Hwy 1as it passes the park on the North side of the road with KenWo Golf Club on the North side.

The terrain is gentle with some steep short hills in a few selected locations. There is a marsh area between two sections of the map which have quite mature forest. The main section of the map is open wooded areas along with two ball fields, three main soccer fields and a smaller soccer field for younger children. The area of the map also includes a brand new recreation centre, a church and a school.

Throughout the park there are a variety of trails of different sizes in width. Vegetation varies from mature forest to areas with small saplings as well as some sections of nasty hawthorn bushes and in the marsh there are areas of thorny rosebushes. Most of the areas with the hawthorn and saplings are listed as ‘light green”. The rosebush areas are marked as “undergrowth, difficult to run”.

There is a tennis court and a paved area for basketball. There are a number of covered picnic areas as well as a splash pad for youth to wet their appetite.

We are sure you will enjoy running in this park and will be waiting for the next event to take place.

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