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Dick James Memorial Relay Results ( Posted Sun May 28 )

Relay Results--formatting not great, but you get the picture. See Facebook page for a better version. https://www.facebook.com/groups/125407285152/

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Dick James Memorial Canada Cup Sprint Results ( Posted Sun May 28 )

A big thank you to the 51 competitors who participated in the Dick James Memorial Canada Cup Sprint! A great way to celebrate National Orienteering Week, as well as trying a sport on the Canada 150 Participaction list! Great appreciation goes out to all of the volunteers who organized this event, as well as those who stepped in today to assist with takedown, control pickup and relay timing: Jim and Lauren Blanchard, Pam James, Troy and Cheryl Smith, Heather, Ken, Nathaniel and Elijah Walker, Brian MacCulloch, Blair Eavis... with assistance from Ashley Harding, Wayne Myles (and apologies to anyone who I have forgotten to mention!!) Keep reading for the results... (relay will be posted separately--it may be a couple of days until I can return to this task, but I will post as soon as possible.)

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Start list for Dick James Memorial Canada Cup Sprint ( Posted Sat May 27 )

Here is the start list for the Sprint. If any of the categories are incorrect, or you need adjustments in your time, either email fiddlesqueak@hotmail.com before 9pm tonight, AND/or let us know at registration.

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RESULTS: World Orienteering Day - Fleming Park ( Posted Wed May 24 )

WOD was a beautiful evening in Fleming Park that saw 60 participants - Woohoo!

A huge thanks to Adam Secord for help with registration and fixing the SI reader for the results!! Also thanks to Meghan, Bridget, Pam and Blair for helping pick up controls!

Hope to see you all again!
Click on for results (check OANS facebook for splits)

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Dick James Memorial Canada Cup--info added ( Posted Mon May 22 )

Notes from the mapper/course designer have been added to the information for the Dick James Memorial as follows:

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2017 Four Seasons Chase - May Standings ( Posted Sat May 20 )

The following are the Standings for the 2017 Four Seasons Chase after the May event. For an event that was missed, the average of the three slowest times on the applicable course is added to an individuals time. The other adjustment is for those who get less than the full number of controls for a course, their average leg time for that course is used to extrapolate their total time at that event for all controls. For any DSQs (lost punch card etc), you will receive either your finish time or the penalty time, whichever is worse.

Only those eligible (missed 3 or fewer events (75% participation)) will be posted here.

Ashley Harding

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Results from Oxford - 2017 FSC May Event ( Posted Sat May 20 )

16 competitors showed up to compete on 3 courses. This event was a Score-O. The Course had 15 controls with the beginners getting any 5, the intermediates any 10, and the advanced all 15.

Thanks to Art Harding for help with hanging and picking up controls as well as registration.

Ashley Harding

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