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    2024 Membership

    All participants in Orienteering NS events are required to be members (FREE).

    Complete your 2024 membership/registration here.

    The first time you register on the system, you will be asked to create a login. You will then provide demographic information that is collected for insurance purposes and Sport and Recreation Nova Scotia tracking, as well as your annual waiver form. This platform will be used for event registration soon, and the system will (hopefully!) make registration easier.

    Welcome to the Orienteering Association of Nova Scotia

    We are a non-profit Provincial Sport Organization dedicated to developing orienteering in the province of Nova Scotia. Whether you are a beginner or advanced orienteer we have courses and events set up around the province to test your ability and/or have some family fun in the outdoors.

    We run different types of events which can include Point to Point, Score Orienteering, Rogaine (at least 4 hours in duration), and night Orienteering. Bike-Orienteering, Ski/Snow Shoe Orienteering events are also held occasionally in the province allowing different types of active transportation to be involved with the sport.

    We hope that the following information will inspire you to get involved with our sport and provide you with a fun outdoor experience that you can share with the whole family.

    We receive financial assistance of the Province of Nova Scotia.


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