Organizer: Paul Bottomley (Event Director)

This will be Barebones style event, meaning the approach will be casual in order to minimize the amount of volunteer capacity required, while still providing an enjoyable event for orienteers.

The Venue:

Irishman’s Road Recreation Site. Forest, Moonscape and Trails. The Irishman Road Recreation site sits in a limestone rich region of Nova Scotia thus an event here is a run through a unique open forest pockmarked with lime sink holes.

The Courses:

Foot-O: Score event with a mass start and Advanced, Intermediate and Beginner classes. This will be the main timed, points scoring event for the day. See below for details of a special MTB-O trial.

  • Participants will be given their maps at registration. Any time between when you register and the start is available to review the map and plan strategy.
  • For a Score O event a series of control points will be scattered across a map. Each control point on the map will have a value ranging from 10 to 30 points. Point value varies with difficulty. Most points in the fastest time wins.
  • All controls will be open to Advanced competitors. The Beginner and Intermediate maps will be limited only in that a smaller series of the same controls will be presented.
  • There will be a time limit to complete the course.
  • Distances given below are an estimate only and will vary due to the nature of the event.
  • Beginner participants will typically follow marked and easy to follow trails to controls on or near trail for the easiest navigation and shortest distance to cover. Basic map following required. The beginner map will be limited in that controls further from trail or in more difficult terrain will be omitted. 2km.
  • Intermediate participants, will exercise route choice along trails while also using map features and basic compass skills to, typically, find controls located on or just off trails with typically clear features nearby that ease navigation. 3km.
  • Advanced participants will tackle the entire map on trail and off, following longer route choices through more difficult terrain, streams forests ravines and all; good navigation skills required. 6km.
  • A beginner’s clinic may be offered. Let us know via a message to the email address below if you are interested, and we can provide some form of instruction, if not a formal clinic. Please check-in at 10am if you require instruction.

MTB-O: this event will include a Mountain Bike Orienteering trial. This will use the same controls and area as the Foot-O event, with a map revised for use orienteering on a Mountain Bike.

  • Participants choosing to compete will start after the Foot-O has started or after they have completed their Foot-O event.
  • This will be a Point-to-Point event. To complete any of the courses participants must visit a series of control points in the order shown on the map provided. Difficulty levels are similar to what is described above for Foot-O except, for all levels, all controls will be on-trail and accessible from the bike.
  • With the exception of one short Black section of trail, which may be walked, trails in the Irishman’s Road Recreation Site are rated Blue and Green on typical MTB trail rating sites and are thus suitable to beginner and intermediate riders. Well groomed and signed, a few roots, B-routes around more advanced features.
  • Hybrid bikes may be able to handle these well groomed trails, Hard Tail or Full Suspension mountain bikes are recommended.

Irishman's Road Recreation Site Mountain Biking Trails | Trailforks


  • Prior to participating in their first event, all participants must have completed the Orienteering NS registration form and the Orienteering Canada waiver provided at the following link. Once completed for your first event, you are done for the year.
  • Once membership and waiver are completed, register for courses by selecting the appropriate course button on this page.
  • Please ensure you register via these links by midnight Friday, Sep 22, 2023 to ensure a map is printed for you.
  • On-site check-in will take place from 10:00 to 10:45 am. Again, please ensure you have completed membership/waiver in advance (see above).
  • Check in at the registration table by 10:45 at the latest on event day to take care of payment if necessary and to let us know you’ve arrived.

Membership and Waiver

Last minute registration: This can be done on site, but we typically only have a few extra maps because we didn’t know you were coming... Also, pre-registration allows the on-site details to move more quickly.

VOLUNTEERS would be appreciated for a few tasks associated with the event (e.g. Beginner clinic, registration, control pickup). Please see here to sign up.

Snacks: A small post race treat will be available, but participants should bring their own water if needed.


A parking area is available at the location pinned below. Registration table will be near by. Roads near the parking area are wide enough to accommodate additional parking if necessary.


There are park outhouse style washroom facilities on site.


We run rain, snow or shine. Local thunder will typically be accommodated by a short delay. That said any weather involving a Hurricane or Tropical Storm coming straight over will result in a reschedule.

This event only, to protect the trails, the MTB trial may be cancelled if rain is forecast.


10:00 Registration Opens

10:15 Beginner Clinic (if required)

10:45 Safety Brief

11:00 am (Mass Start);

12:30 pm Foot O Time Limit

13:30 pm MTB O Time Limit

Start will be nearby the registration table.

Entry Fees:

The following are the fees for this event (pre-registered), add $5 for day-of registrations:

One fee covers both the Foot and MTB O events.

How to Pay:

In advance (preferred):

By Electronic funds transfer to the following email:

In person: A payment container will be available. Please bring correct change.


To Paul at

Where can I get some of that cool Orienteering Kit before the event? Visit the O-Store!


Event is at the Irishman’s Road Recreation Area, near Windsor NS.

Registration and Start Finish will be at or near the pinned location shown in the map below.


Course Maps

No course maps posted yet.


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