Organizers: Troy Smith (Course Planner), Cheryl Smith (Event Director)

[Information below is accurate as of June 18, 2024 - check back prior to the event as details will be added].

I have decided to try hosting a knockout-style sprint event! Full details will be added. All participants will compete together and each person will get at least two (shorter than average) races. Some will have three races. To accommodate all levels of participants, the qualifier(s) will be a beginner-style course, the semi-finals will have intermediate controls, and the finals will be advanced. You can still participate as a team if you wish (all team members must stay within shouting distance of one another and cross the finish line at the same time), and if you qualify for a semi-final or final, you can opt out if you do not wish to run again.

Select your usual category (e.g. beginner, intermediate, advanced) when registering, though these will be combined.

This will be Barebones style event, meaning the approach will be casual in order to minimize the amount of volunteer capacity required, while still providing an enjoyable event for orienteers. One individual or team on each course will start each 30sec to a minute without formal start "boxes" for the qualifier. For the semis and finals, a mass-start approach will be used.

This event is part of the Nova Scotia Orienteering Series. Points will be awarded. (See here for detailed information about the point series).

The Venue:

Acadia University is an urban campus setting, with a mix of buildings, pathways, green space, gardens and some wooded trails.

The Courses:

Point to Point

To complete any of the courses participants must visit a series of control points in the order shown on the map provided. Maps will be provided at the start. In the qualifying round, starts will be staggered to space competitors and limit following. In the semi and final rounds, mass starts will be used, so competitors will be head-to-head (but you may not be visiting the controls in the same order, so you'll need to pay attention!)

Beginner course (Qualifier): Typically follows marked and easy to follow trails to controls on or near trail for the easiest navigation and shortest distance to cover. Basic map following required.

Intermediate course (Semi-Finals and Consolation Semi-Final): Requires route choice along trails while also using map features and basic compass skills to find controls located on or just off trails with typically clear features nearby that ease navigation.

Advanced course (Final and Consolation Final): Will tackle the entire map on trail and off, using route choices through more difficult terrain, streams forests and all; good navigation skills required.

A beginner’s clinic may be offered. Let us know via a message to the email address below if you are interested, and we can provide some form of instruction, if not a formal clinic. Please check in at 10am if you require instruction.


Prior to participating in their first event, all participants must have completed the Orienteering NS registration form and the Orienteering Canada waiver provided during the online registration process. Once completed for your first event, you are done for the year.

Register by clicking the registration link to the right, or here:


If you aren't 100% sure you will attend, it is still helpful if you pre-register (you can choose an option to pay cash, we can refund, or comp your next event). This ensures we have enough maps for all participants.


  • Register by midnight Thursday, June 27, 2024 to ensure a map is printed for you, and save $5!
  • Please help minimize volunteer administration time by using online payments (and pre-registration) when possible
  • If you are participating as part of a group/team, please note that each team member needs to register and pay individually (there is a blank to fill out your team members)

On-site check-in will take place from 10:00 to 10:45 am.

Check in at the registration table by 10:45 at the latest on event day to take care of payment if necessary and to let us know you’ve arrived.

Entry Fees:

The following are the fees for this event* (pre-registered). Add $5 for day-of registrations:

$10 per adult (21+) participating as an individual

$5 per youth (7-20) participating as an individual

$7 per group/team member if participating as part of a team

Children under 7 participate free

Rental of timing sticks is $2 if you do not have your own.

*If you are registering four or more family/household members at the same time (including at least one adult), please use the discount code FAMILY_2024 at checkout to receive a discount.

How to Pay:

In advance (preferred):

  • By credit card as part of the registration process
  • You may also pay by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) to the following email:
    • If you choose this method, complete the online registration process. At checkout, please enter the following coupon code: PAY_EFT_2024 so that you appear on our registration list.

In person:

  • In cash; a payment container will be available. Please bring correct change.
    • If you choose this method, complete the online registration process. At checkout, please enter the following coupon code: PAY_CASH_2024 so that you appear on our registration list.

Last minute registration: This can be done on site, but we typically only have a few extra maps because we didn’t know you were coming... Also, pre-registration allows the on-site details to move more quickly. If you have not pre-registered, your 2024 waiver/registration still needs to be completed.

VOLUNTEERS would be appreciated for a few tasks associated with the event (e.g. Beginner clinic, registration, control pickup). Please see here to sign up.


A small post race treat will be available. In an effort to reduce waste, please bring your own water.


There is a parking lot of Highland Ave, near Tower Fields. Look for the tallest building on campus. Start and registration location TBA.


There are usually portable washrooms available near the playing fields, and other washroom facilities available in campus buildings.



We run rain, snow or shine. Local thunder will typically be accommodated by a short delay. That said any weather involving a Hurricane or Tropical Storm coming straight over will result in a reschedule.


10:00 Registration Opens

10:15 Beginner Clinic (if required)

10:45 Safety Brief

11:00 am (Staggered Starts) - Qualifying Round (must return to finish by 11:45am)

12:00 noon (Mass Starts) - Semi Finals + Consolation (must return to finish by 12:30)

12:45 pm (Mass Starts) - Finals

1:30 pm Course Closure

See who has registered here



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