Organizers: Mark Sypher (Course Planner), Jim Blanchard (Event Director)

Information below current as of 2024/04/04

AVOC will be hosting a 'Texas Hold'em Score-O Event' at Hobby Horse Farms on April 20th, 2024. On-site registration starts at 11:00am. Mass start at noon. Course closure 1:30pm.

Regular Scoring

Participants will receive 1 point per control found, no matter the location. Participants will be deducted 1 point for every minute late!

Bonus Scoring:

Teams and individuals will be dealt five (5) playing cards upon registration. Once the mass start begins, participants will navigate to find as many controls as possible in 90 minutes. There will be one playing card affixed to each control. Using the provided Texas Hold'em poker hand ranking chart, participants will decide at each control whether or not to exchange one of the cards in their hand with the one attached to the control in order to improve their hand. (Important: If you remove the card from the control you must replace it with one from your hand!) The goal is to make the best five-card Texas Hold'em poker hand possible. The better the hand you return to the finish with, the higher the bonus!


Note for Participants: We are using a new registration process for this event. If you encounter difficulties, please send us an email noting the name, and SI #s for everyone you are registering (if you have one), and who is participating with whom. Registration is now open!!


You must have a 2024 Orienteering Canada waiver and membership form on file to participate in this event. This process is completed once each year through our registration system. Membership is free, and the process can be completed at the link below OR as part of your event registration process once registration opens on April 5th.

Membership link:!/memberships/builder-v2/orienteering-nova-scotia-2024

**If you reside outside of NS, you need to be registered with a home club. Follow the same link and choose Visitor (Event) Membership.

Although we will soon begin accepting payments in the new registration system. This event will be a fundraiser for Open Arms, so we ask that you bring cash and pay at the registration site at the farm. We will use the small tractor barn we used previously just in the driveway, on the left, before the large horse barn.


Would be appreciated for a few tasks associated with the event (eg Beginner clinic, registration, control pickup, etc.) Please sign up here if you can assist.

Beginner Instruction:

Instruction will be offered for anyone wishing assistance. Please let us know if you are interested, and arrive at 11:00am to register and then participate in the clinic.

On-site Check-in:

On-site check-in will take place from 11:00. Please register by Thursday, April 18, 2024 at the link above. Limited same-day registration will be based on map availability, but completion of the membership/waiver process is necessary before participating in an event.


2024/04/20 at 12:00 pm

Course closure will be at 1:30pm or 90 minutes after the actual start.

Entry Fees:

This is a fund-raising event for Open Arms [ ]; cash donations will be accepted on the day of the event in the suggested amount of our regular event pricing ($10/adult; $5/youth), with additional amounts graciously accepted.



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